Bond with James: About Me...

About Me...

Hello, I’m James (aka Bond with James). 

I am a University of Texas at Austin, UTeach alumnus – which is a nationally recognized and replicated Science and Math teaching program across the United States. 

My student teaching experience provided opportunities to teach 5th through 12th grade.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to each at each level as it provided me with valuable knowledge that I retain to this day. 
My experience in education is versatile and has definitely helped me develop my skills as an educator; as well as helped me support other educators.  
  • Subjects Taught 
    • 7th grade life science 
    • 8th grade physical science
    • 9-12th grade: biology, integrated chemistry and physics, and chemistry (Regular, Pre-AP, AP, and a Dual-Credit course). 
  • Teacher PLC Leader
    • I was a PLC lead at two high school campuses prior to leaving the classroom.  At one of the campuses I actually led two of the PLCs within the department. 
  • Teacher Academy/Small Learning Community Coordinator
    • One of my former schools switched to the academy model (schools within a school).  I was one of the first three academy coordinators selected to help guide a group of teachers and the academy pathway.
  • Master Science Teacher
    • While I was officially given this title by my campus and district, my daily routine did not change in regard to being a PLC lead and helping other teachers.
  • District-level Science Instructional Specialist (9-12)
    • I served as my district's secondary science instructional specialist at the high school level for three years. In that role I provided pedagogical support, worked with teacher PLCs, conducted demonstration lessons, developed department-wide intervention plans, presented to campus principals and assisted campuses with data analysis. Additionally, I provided content specific professional development, to secondary science teachers at 17 high school campuses. The workshops were overwhelmingly positive based on teacher feedback and our End-of-Course results in biology compared to other large urban districts in the state of Texas. 
  • Assistant Principal
    • I currently support students and teachers, particularly in the area of science, as a high school assistant principal. I also am the administrator overseeing the support of new teachers, the technology committee, and working with advanced placement programs.  I also still do a lot of PD. :)
  •  Conference Experience
    • I've currently had proposals accepted and presented at:
      • CAST 2013 
      • CAST 2014
      • Central Texas Mini-CAST 2013
      • Central Texas Mini-CAST 2016 
    • Now that graduate school school is over and I have adjusted to my role as an AP, I am currently looking to expand my professional development opportunities to other districts and states; as well as at the national level (e.g. NSTA conference). 

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