Bond with James: Ionic Nomenclature Dice Activity

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ionic Nomenclature Dice Activity

Here is a short video (3:25 minutes) where I discuss an ionic dice activity that I've used since 2008.  Additionally, I could not find the dice used in the video on the company site; however, I have posted a few links below the video for you to visit in case you're interested. 

I forgot to mention that the dice had monatomic and multivalent ions (Pb, Cr, etc.) and polyatomic ions.  Additionally, the cation and anion dice combination also varied between students. This helped cut down potential cheating, especially if students knew that they would get called on one-by-one to roll the dice for me for a quick check. 

Blank White Acrylic Dice Cubes 

Do you think your students would enjoy doing something like this to help them learn ionic nomenclature and formula writing? Feel free to share your response in the Comments section

Looking for additional resources to enhance your Ionic Compound/Bonding Unit? Check out the following resource - especially if you are doing interactive notebooks. 


  1. I was wondering the same question!

  2. Hey James, I was wondering if this dice activity could work for drawing out compound models as well. I like that the dice keeps it random and that there is no answer key, because it makes for better thinking. Let me know if you have any tips of how I could use this so students draw out compounds and show the bond.

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