Bond with James: Chemistry Interactive Graphic Organizers

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chemistry Interactive Graphic Organizers

....I'm back!!!!

Okay, so I really never left; however, the past two months were a whirlwind. From prepping for the standardized testing season to wrapping up my action research proposal as my last assignment as a graduate student, I now have a bunch of free time on my hands.

With that said, I really just wanted to share a few interactive graphic organizers I created. Actually is part of my Vocabulary and Notebook Graphic Organizer series (in development) for chemistry students. I am thinking about developing a biology graphic organizer series as well.

The covalent graphic organizer is a simple one - fairly easy to put together. I was worried that I was going to run out of space, however, the graphic organizer came out quite well. Note: The covalent graphic organizer that is floating around Pinterest was only available free for a limited time when I originally uploaded the set in 2013 [this noticed was updated 10-17-15].

The two pictures below are examples of other graphic organizers that I have created Chemistry Notebook Interactive Graphic Organizers collection

Here are a few links to sites I have found covering graphic organizers, foldables(TM) and/or Interactive notebooks.


  1. I purchased your Chemistry foldables in October, but the Covalent foldable above was not I'm sad becasue it says that it is included :(

  2. Usually if you bought it from TpT and it has been updated you can download the new parts....