Bond with James: Collaborative Poster

Friday, February 8, 2013

Collaborative Poster

I love utilizing collaborative posters in my classroom. Of course, in order for this to truly be a collaborative poster all students must contribute. do you get all students to participate in the collaborative poster process? First, I truly believe the teacher has to create a safe and non-threatening environment at the beginning of the year and create an expectation for success. Secondly, the teacher must also create the expectation for active learning and collaboration. I taught at a school that was low-performing five years in a row and was extremely successful in getting my students to actively participate in their learning (the posters are from students at this particular school). Usually I have students complete a collaborative poster the first week of school and present this to the class as a way of building the culture I previously wrote about.

  • Group 4 students together (this is easier if students are already sitting in a table group)
  • Each student selects ONE color marker - all markers must be different.
  • Instruct students to write their name on the poster with the color they selected. This will allow you to identify which student did what on the poster. (Students are not allowed to switch colors with each other or change colors once they begin)

Collaborative Poster (of the NASA Mishap). 4 students, 4 colors - no more, no less. Select a quote from the article and as a group, come up with an original quote. Be prepared to share with the class :)

What are your thoughts? Is this something you would do in your classroom?


  1. I will definitely use this idea. What a great assessment tool without being obvious! I teach second grade and am always saying--"be sure to share the work and take turns" when they are doing collaborative posters or anchor charts.

  2. Love your idea for the collaborative charts. I did something similar before Christmas with a 'Heroes" unit that we completed.

    I am your newest follower. I found you through TpT Forum.

    Mrs. B's Nook

  3. We did something similar with Quote Art. Love your ideas!

  4. What a great idea! It can be used for so many subject areas!

  5. Great idea! This is a strategy I'll be introducing to my students this week. More ideas on how students can work on collaborative posters please!

  6. Hopefully, I will be able to implement them with various instructional strategies for the 16-17 school year. Stay tuned! :)

  7. Love your idea for the collaborative charts. I did something similar before Christmas with a 'Heroes" unit that we completed.
    collaborative law

  8. James, I am just finding your blogs. I was wondering how you did the collaborative charts during the first week of school. How did you introduce? etc.