Bond with James: Twelve Techie Gifts - Day 8: Canva

Monday, December 21, 2015

Twelve Techie Gifts - Day 8: Canva

Do you need to create a new Facebook or Twitter cover photo? Or perhaps you need to update your blog or classroom website header but you don't know how to utilize graphic designing tools such as Photoshop. Don't worry!  Check out Canva - a graphic design software that makes the graphic designing process easier for you. Canva provides more than 1 million images and fonts in their library to help you get started.  Additionally, you can share Canva designs with other people and even give them access to edit your design (if they have a Canva account).  One thing to know is that there are items that have fees associated with them and you'll be prompted to pay for those elements during the publishing process. 


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    Check out Canva - a graphic design software that makes the graphic designing process easier for you.


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